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Taping (K-taping or Dynamic)

CASH service

  • 10 minutes
  • Marshall Location

Service Description

Taping can have a variety of applications. Taping can be used to assist in supporting a joint or surrounding tissues through movements or motions that can be aggravating or painful for them. Taping can also assist in proprioception - the body's sense of position. This can be useful for individual's who suffer from repetitive injuries like repeat ankles sprains and more. This is can be because taping may assist in decreasing regional cramping, preventing the body from overextending, and reduce regional muscle fatigue. There are several different types of therapeutic taping our providers use in the office, talk with a provider if you are interested in getting taped and they will help in decided what tape material will be best for your individual needs. To schedule call: 507-532-2655

Contact Details

  • 104 West Redwood Street, Marshall, MN, USA


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